piled tube chain

85 Euro

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neck­lace from the DISC­con­nec­ted seri­es. this con­cre­te collec­tion is a geo­metric stu­dy. indi­vi­du­al buil­ding blocks are sta­cked, lined up, rota­ted around their own axis and shifted. a new and moving form is crea­ted. it is DISConnected. 

each pro­duct is hand­ma­de and uni­que. con­cre­te is strong but sen­si­ti­ve — wear it with love and hand­le with care.

  • colours: new grey, black, white, nature
  • mate­ri­al: con­cre­te, cot­ton fabric
  • weight: 50 g
  • length: 80 cm, pen­dant 23cm 
  • deli­very time: 5 – 7 days
White New Grey Black Nature
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